About us

Our food and well-being's future: The story about a family of farms, artisans and nutritionist

Rebuilding a better food system begins with one farm and one product at a time.

Blis Market began from an idea that we need to rebuild the broken system of our supermarket chains and food industry which were not only selling unhealthy products but lacked authentic flavors and deprived our bodies of the rich nutrients we need.

United by a need to change the future of food and people's well-being, a group of family farms, nutritional experts, chefs, and artisans banded together to form a seed-to-table cooperative that is now Blis Market.

"Together we are growing our 40 farms and artisans Co-op so that we can finally begin to write a new path to better-sourced food and improve the well being for all consumers," — Co-founder, Dan Lembessis.

Our Promise

We are committed to producing only products from sustainable farms and using lab-verified testing to show what your body is getting from our products. With an ever-growing Co-op of 40 farms and artisans, we will keep fulfilling even more of your daily requirements in the future, one farm and product at a time.

There's a lot at stake in changing that food and how it is made and farmed. Food affects everything, and the way we eat and farm can a big impact on our well-being, our economies, and the environment. The farmland and environmental deterioration that modern industrial agriculture has created needs to be reversed as soon as possible - everyone needs to do their part in investing in this change. Our Blis Market family is committed to investing in organic, regenerative farming and  artisan which create food that will nourish all of us.

We also plan to offer nutritional experts to help everyone on the journey to a better wellbeing. We strongly feel a healthy society starts with this simple concept of getting food and how it's farmed right. We strive to help write this better future with you.

Beyond the labels of "clean" and "organic"

Our founders knew all too well that even the current state of new healthy food products and fast-growing organic farm industry, still meant that consumers were not getting enough nutrients that they needed. As one of our co-founders, Rosa Katsinas, said it best, we are eating "dead on arrival food from the supermarket and the food industry as a whole is simply just putting labels to make products sounds nutritious. Buying food based on labels of organic, such as produce that gets shipped from California or Mexico, picked before its even ripe, sent for days across the country, with barely any nutrients, grown in poor farm soil, albeit organic, is not how we attain a healthy person". Even organic means processed and can lead to unhealthy eating. Blis Market believes in clean and organic labels but with true authentic tastes and real nutritional value as a big focus. As Rosa again says it best "to make something with an organic label means nothing, if it lacks nutrients". This is why Blis Market tests all our foods to ensure you are getting the most out each product we sell.

Our food gives back to you, to communities, to the land.

Choosing our amazing food range means you are selecting food that is better for you and better for our Earth. From Florida to Greece we hope to heal our earth and bring you a better way to eat and live.

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